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Customer insights

Uncover valuable data on customer preferences and behaviors to make informed business decisions.

Brand Testing

Evaluate your brand’s effectiveness in resonating with your target market and refine your strategy accordingly.

Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition with thorough market analysis and strategic positioning.

At Thrum, we delve beyond the surface with our market research to uncover the profound insights that quantitative tests often miss. Understanding how customers truly feel about your products and messaging isn’t just about whether they like or dislike them; it’s about discovering the “why” behind their reactions. This deeper knowledge empowers brands to elevate their offerings and communications, ensuring they resonate more profoundly with their target audiences. Our approach is designed to extract the nuanced motivations and preferences that drive consumer behavior, enabling you to refine and optimize your strategies to achieve greater impact.

Segmentation is central to our methodology, tailored to demystify who your target customers really are, what they believe, and how you can engage and convert your most valuable audiences. These insights are pivotal for crafting future messaging and programs. Every project includes a detailed action plan that ensures that the research is not just a report on a shelf but a dynamic tool leveraged throughout your team or organization.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond just delivering research results. We focus on the true value of our work: how it informs your decisions and drives real action. We customize our research to meet your organization’s unique needs and decision-making styles. This tailored approach ensures that every insight we deliver is relevant and primed for immediate implementation. By centering our research on the consumer, we provide actionable insights that go beyond standard brand and product evaluations, equipping you to capture and engage your target audience effectively.

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