For many small businesses, summer is a slow season. With customers and employees often distracted by vacations and outdoor activities, consistently implementing growth strategies can be challenging. Many owners take this seasonal opportunity to pull away, plan, and revisit the larger picture of the business’s direction.

However, this slower period is the ideal opportunity to explore non-disruptive market strategies that can help expand your business. These “low-hanging fruit” ideas are practical plans that small business owners can execute to gently boost their market presence and prepare for a fruitful year-end.

5 Strategies to Help Grow Your Business During Summer

  1. Get Busy Ripening Untapped Market Segments – Summer is the perfect time to research and target new customer segments. Perhaps there’s a demographic that your services haven’t yet reached or an underserved geographical area. You can offer a “summer special” or partner with popular local entities for mutual promotion.
  2. Get Specific about Your Value Proposition – Innovation involves identifying and capitalizing on unmet customer needs. Understanding the needs you’ve already met in others (via customer insights research) helps leaders do this. People will show up or pay for what’s meaningful to them, and often, that’s as simple as something that adds a layer of convenience and personalization currently absent in the market. This version of innovation enhances customer experience and can set you apart, paving the way for organic growth.
  3. Get Detailed about Niche Markets – Every market has niches often overlooked by more significant players, and most of us want to be relevant to everyone. That just isn’t going to happen. Knowing your value proposition for current and former customers and then identifying their shared niche will help you meet their unique needs. Once you learn this, you can build a loyal customer base ready to engage more deeply with your business year-round.
  4. Get Creative about Your Messaging – Whether exploring the “Blue Ocean” (uncontested market space) or dialing in on what your current customers need, summer can be the ideal time to brainstorm and test new ideas that broaden your market. Learning what is gaining popularity with your customers (via market research) is a great way to offer ancillary services and products to those who already support your brand.
  5. Get Personal in your Customer Relationships – Use the summer to deepen relationships with your existing customers. It’s a perfect time to engage them through more personalized communication, especially on social media. Take them “behind the scenes,” share more about what’s happening with you personally (not too deep!), and think about how to express appreciation to others. Summer is a great time to start thinking about gifts for your loyal customers, employees/staff, and additional promotional items to grow your business (good SWAG matters!).

The summer doesn’t have to be a dry spell for business growth. These strategies enable you to grow at your own pace, respecting those around you who want to take time off or put things into a lower gear. We can do that, too, while laying the groundwork for significant year-end achievements.

So, take advantage of this quieter time to strategically position your business for the future—think of it as planting seeds that will bloom in the coming seasons. If you need help with customer insights, gifts, or promotional items, we are here to help.