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What we do

Data-Driven Solutions for Your Success

Business leaders, marketers, and event planners, this is Thrum! Our collective of industry experts brings you essential, data-driven insights to propel your business, organization, or event forward.

Thrum is your gateway to expertise that turns potential into performance. Engage with us and experience the power of collective wisdom and experience —where your success is our mission. Join us, and let’s make your vision a reality.


Sophisticated methods that provide what you need to thrive:

  • Market research
  • Customer journey
  • Consumer sentiments
  • Program/event evaluation
  • Employee engagement
  • Brand testing
  • Attendee sentiment
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unrivaled qualitative methods by industry leaders

Our Prime Solutions

Market Research

Thrum’s Market Research Insights provide invaluable data-driven information to help your small business or event leaders understand their target audiences better.

Customer Journey

Understanding the drivers and moments that matter to your customers allows you to deliver exceptional service, products, and experiences that create lasting connections and referrals.

Brand Testing and Evaluation

Thrum’s Brand Testing and Evaluation service enables brand managers and marketing directors to understand how their brand is perceived in the larger market.

Why choose us

Unmatched Insights for Your Success

Behind every purchase is a desire that drives the decision.
Common methods use polls and percentages that don’t tell the story.

We tell you the story.

It’s a new day and the research you engage should look the part and actually help you with your work by answering your questions.

We set the pace in research across the country. We help small businesses, marketing agencies, and event organizers get the data-driven insights they crave so they can lead forward. We employ the smartest technologies and the best research methods (that easily connect with your people) and combine that with concierge-level attentiveness and service to you and your team. You will gain the insights you need while working with executive peers who understand your situation and work to help you.

We strive to be uncompromising in delivering quality in a fast-paced culture.

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